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Exposure to Technology Pioneers
SmartGateVC gives you the unique chance to work alongside some of the brightest tech founders from very first days of starting their companies. It’s an amazing feeling to work with and support founders in turning their aspiration into global businesses solving crucial problems.
Ellada Ayvazyan
Professional Growth with no Limits
At SmartGateVC, I am fortunate to collaborate with brilliant scientists and entrepreneurs who are driving real change and shaping a brighter future. It’s a place where learning never stops, and every day brings new opportunities for professional development.
Samvel Khachikyan
Exceptional Team
SmartGateVC gives the unique opportunity of leading a project right from the ground up. It's this journey of bringing a concept to realization from 0 to 1 being backed by the entire team that truly helps you become a level up version of yourself.
Armen Fljyan
Exceptional Team
Working at SmartGate VC offers a dynamic environment ideal for initiative-takers. With access to cutting-edge technologies and a culture that values autonomy, employees can drive impactful projects, fostering professional growth.

Job Openings

Program Associate
Yerevan, Armenia
SmartGateVC team, Samvel Khachikyan, Mane Yeganyan, Yeranuhi Hakobyan
SmartGateVC team, Samvel Khachikyan, Mane Yeganyan, Yeranuhi Hakobyan, Ashor Arzumanyan, Anna Aleksanyan, Liana Karapekyan
SmartGateVC team, Mane Yeganyan, Ashor Arzumanyan, Liana Karapetyan, Armine Galstyan, Jack Topdjian
SmartGateVC team, Liana Karapetyan, Armine Galstyan, Vazgen Hakobjanyan
SmartGateVC team, Mane Yeganyan, Ashot Arzumanyan, Liana Karapetyan, Armine Galstyan
Opportunity to grow supplementary expertise in certain interest areas
Growth-focused journey, always challenging the limits of impossible
Integration into a network of builders, tech enthusiasts, and seasoned professionals locally and across the U.S.