We invest on the edge where science and entrepreneurship join to disrupt the status quo. We armor our teams with the resources, networks and hands-on support to transform ideas to global game-changers.

​Krisp: World’s Best Innovative Noise Cancellation Technology powered by Deep Neural Network


SuperAnnotate: The fastest annotation platform and services for training AI 


Britive: Cloud-native security solution built for the most demanding cloud-forward enterprises. 


Podcastle: AI-based tool for making the creation and streaming of interactive audio content more accessible


Activeloop (formerly Snark AI): Having Amazon/Google quality AI models at your disposal 24/7.


Zerobroker: Logistics system to empower businesses globally to automate their supply chain processes and ship all their products broker-free.


AimStack: Version Control and Collaboration Hub for AI Teams


Netris: Next-generation network infrastructure management SaaS for carriers, data centers and backbone operators


Grovf: Network card for memory scaling and near-memory computing


Expper Technologies: Robin, an AI-based companion robot for children allowing to generate and adapt emotions based on human interaction. 


Amaros: bringing predictive medicine in eyecare by harnessing the power of data and artificial intelligence. 

  • Amaros AI offers predictive algorithms to accelerate clinical trials, and guide precise interventions for sight-threatening diseases.

Pinsight: SaaS that empowers product and customer teams to automate the process of extracting predictions and human-friendly insights with one click.

  • 2 active customers ($9.5k MRR)

  • 4 leads in the process of conversion

Mythrill: Serialized storytelling mobile app for fantasy content


Embry: Technology to turn all types of shoes to biometric data tracking and wellness monitoring devices 


Modicus Prime: Self-Service AI company enabling process & quality control for biotech research and manufacturing

Modicus Prime
  • Pilots with pharma companies

Biosim AI: Enabling and accelerating drug discovery at quantum accuracy

  • Developed pioneering algorithms that are novel, more accurate and faster compared to the state-of-the-art

  • Aims to enable discovery of drugs for diseases that have been considered undruggable

Dowork.ai: AI-powered collaborative platform for project time and cost estimation

  • Alpha version: 650+ signups, 550+ estimated projects in 2 months

  • Dowork.ai 2.0: #1 Product of 06.05.21 on Product Hunt

  • AppSumo

Dzook: An AI-based one-click high-quality art creation platform

  • Users from over 133 countries

  • 1M+ illustrations created

  • Partnership with Snapchat