SmartGateVC invests in Cloudchipr to tap into the multi-cloud future

Sep 21
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We are happy to announce our investment in Cloudchipr: a cloud cost management and analytics platform for multi-cloud accounts. It provides visibility into all cloud activity and retrieves unused resources using predefined filters. It's a self-service platform designed for non-SRE specialists (founders, operators, and developers), allowing orders of magnitude faster time to value and a competitive, transparent, and customer-friendly pricing model.

SmartGateVC announces  investment in Cloudchipr to tap into the multi-cloud future

Think of Cloudchipr as a magic wand - every customer introduction we made they immediately found 10-30% savings in cloud costs, and this is particularly important in the light of the economic downturn when companies need to be much more careful about costs. While the world is going multi / hybrid cloud, we also believe in Cloudchipr’s potential to define a new category in multi-cloud management,” says Ashot Arzumanyan, Partner at SmartGateVC.

Cloudchipr now excellently helps to reduce the cloud overspend, and in the future will allow much needed practical automation to multi-cloud management”, says Vazgen Hakobjanyan, Partner at SmartGateVC.

The team is productizing decades of experience in cloud automation and site reliability as hands-on engineers, managers, and company builders from AWS, Wayfare, Mesosphere, and other companies.

Ashot, Vazgen and SmartGateVC team walked with us throughout the whole process starting from incorporation and ending with customer acquisitions. They have been sharing their huge  knowledge, experience and network with us. This kind of strong hand of help and partnership is a dream of every early stage entrepreneur”, says Ashot Ayvazyan, CEO and co-founder of Cloudchipr.

Cloudchipr started generating revenue after a week of its beta release, and more than 15 companies are already using Cloudchipr. For instance, one of the recent customer companies has around 70 engineers using their AWS and GCP Clouds every day. Cloudchipr saved $21K on its first day of run. Cloudchipr's configurable scheduled workflows prevent them from having an overspend by cleaning idle resources for on average $1,200 every day. Besides saving costs, Cloudchipr is also an environment friendly platform, which helps to save energy and reduce cloud carbon emissions. Saving costs, energy and ecology are on the highest priority nowadays and this is where Cloudchipr is so helpful.

There is a market opportunity to be filled, and the timing is just right given the increasing number of cloud users globally. In 2021 only, $28 billion of the market's total $200 billion was spent on the unused cloud, paving the way for the potential market leader of the world's seamless multi-cloud management.

Cloudchipr is in a unique strategic position thanks to cloud/SaaS usage data, enabling it to collaborate with all providers and offer high-quality services. Check out the product demo:

SmartGateVC is thrilled to join Cloudchipr at the beginning of the journey as their first investor.

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