SmartGateVC invested in Embry

May 17, 2018
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SmartGateVC cofounders with Embry team

We are excited to announce the investment in Embry, a startup tapping into the future of wearable devices to meet the evolving needs of weight control. Radik Verdyan, advisor to CEO at Citymobil, co-invested in this pre-seed round.

Embry is a thin smart insole with built-in scale designed for sustaining healthy weight. It’s a patent-pending technology, which unlike the existing activity trackers and smart insoles in the market, does automated weight tracking and alerts weight gain. Based on accurate activity tracking and analysis of how activities impact weight change, it provides personalized nutrition, physical activity, and healthy habit coaching via a user-friendly application. Embry aims at solving today’s global overweight epidemic as after dieting, 70% of people gain back more weight than they originally had lost. It’s a revolutionary solution for busy people, who need hustle free weight control.

In very early stage you invest in team and vision. Embry’s vision is just huge and we know founders for about 3 years already. We see constant progress in their work and, simply, this is a bet on people with incredible growth trajectory!” - says SmartGateVC co-founder Hambardzum Kaghketsyan.

We have long way to go together along with leveraging SmartGateVC’s network and resources to make the company successful in the Bay Area” - says SmartGateVC co-founder Ashot Arzumanyan.

This pre-seed investment will help us to productize our lab prototype and experiment with different marketing strategies. Having SmartGateVC team on our board empowers us to act wiser and move faster.” - says Embry co-founder and CEO Sargis Karapetyan.

"Embry discovered a great market that is hungry for a technology driven startup." - says SmartGateVC founding advisor Vazgen Hakobjanyan.

Embry, a startup tapping into the future of wearable devices to meet the evolving needs of weight control.

Stay tuned, more and more amazing news is yet to come! SmartGateVC is building a portfolio of companies that all of us will be proud of.

About SmartGateVC

Backed by Tim Draper and seasoned tech entrepreneurs, SmartGateVC is a venture capital firm targeting Armenian tech companies in Artificial Intelligence, Security and Internet of Things.

About Radik Verdyan

Radik Verdyan is Advisor to CEO at Citymobil, a leading Russia based P2P transportation company. The company recently closed a $35m venture round to expand in the Russian market.