Embracing Quantum Computing in Yerevan

Apr 12, 2018
1 min read

The quantum computing revolution is upon us - a wave to impact the world by solving some of the most challenging problems we have. We at SmartGateVC predict this as next frontier in computational science and see Armenia as a part of it.

Quantum Computing Group at the MIT course in Hero House

Vazgen Hakobjanyan, the co-founder of SmartGateVC, came up with the idea of bringing together scientists in physics and computer science to launch the Yerevan Quantum Computing Group. The team gathered 3 times a week to watch the lectures of MIT online courses. It stands to reason that taking an online course alone at home doesn't seem to be the most appealing thing for enthusiasts who have a lot to share with each other. So, SmartGateVC supported the team in this undertaking by giving unlimited place in Hero House, to watch online lectures and have ongoing discussions with professionals after the lecture has finished.

On  April 6-7, just 4 months later from the establishment, the Armenian team  participated in the first quantum computing hackathon organized by Rigetti Computing in Berkeley, CA.  The team members implemented paper and tested quantum supremacy on real quantum computer.

The hackathon was designed both for professionals of the field, researchers and for those who take quantum computing as a hobby. Armenian team together with the other 18 teams presented its work to the professional judges. The presented projects included everything from games powered by the quantum computer to implementations of quantum information theory papers.

It’s inspiring to have representatives from Armenia to such a solid quantum computing event and we feel motivated to help drive this forward.