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SmartGateVC leads the pre-seed round of dzook - Next Steps: Product Hunt, App Store & Google Pla

We are excited to announce that SmartGateVC led the pre-seed round of dzook, a one-click art creation platform. Dzook is building AI technologies making high-quality personalized illustrations available to everyone.

Since launch in May and with $0 spending on marketing, dzook has reached users from over 98 countries leading to the creation of 70k+ illustrations. The awareness of dzook came from users who loved the illustrations and shared those on Social Media.

Dzook will be back on 26th on Product Hunt with a new “anime” style. Currently, the users of dzook.ai have access to a web-based platform and only one style called “glam”. Users can either download their illustrated portraits or print those on diverse gift items and get those shipped to their door.

If you are a Product Hunt user who loves technology and art, follow dzook’s Product Hunt page and make sure to check it out on June 26th. If you are not familiar with Product Hunt get an account and stay tuned with the newest products launched on the platform.

“We started as a gifting company and created thousands of illustrated portraits and products by hand. Then we decided to merge art and tech to create artworks by an AI algorithm which learned to draw just like us. So this is the result! Now you can create your own artistic portrait with one click!” says co-founder and CEO Agata Badalyan

Dzook’s AI technologies are different from what is on the market, because they are built for later usage by professional illustrators. In this view dzook is also building a modern AI based toolchain for illustrators over the world ” says Vazgen Hakobjanyan, Partner at SmartGateVC.

It's an absolute pleasure to work with the team. We see how they grow day by day with an exemplary gusto and enthusiasm” says Hambardzum Kaghketsyan, Partner at SmartGateVC.

With the vast popularity of the platform, the company plans to launch on IOS and Android this week, to provide its users with new ways to create illustrated portraits.

Dzook is an exciting combination of AI, art & fun. I can't wait to see the launch of their products across various platforms” says Ashot Arzumanyan, Partner at SmartGateVC.

Rem Darbinyan, who is an investor at SmartGateVC joined the round as an angel investor.

“Dzook has every aspect of a successful startup: a fantastic team that rowing in the same direction, product-market fit, and disruptive technology. I am thrilled to join them!” says Rem Darbinyan, an investor at dzook and CEO of SmartClickAI.

The new investment from SmartGateVC and angel investors should help the company with global expansion and product development.

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