yLedger is a blockchain knowledge and excellence center initiated by SmartGateVC to maintain a sustainable blockchain community with experienced trainers, continuous trainings, workshops and recurring meetups. Community is open for professionals and beginners who are passionate about blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies.

Machine Learning

SmartGateML is an initiative of SmartGateVC to establish strong machine learning excellence center in Yerevan. The center runs trainings for experienced developers eager to build their career in machine learning as well as hosts workshops and seminars with the involvement of top professionals in AI.

Quantum Computing

The quantum computing revolution is upon us - a wave to impact the world by solving some of the most challenging problems we have. We at SmartGateVC predict this as next frontier in computational science and see Armenia as a part of it.

Gate42 Quantum Computing Research Lab is an initiative of SmartGateVC.

We seed to embrace the future! 

We invest in transformative tech companies and back them with a sophisticated technological core. Our initiatives in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Quantum Computing are the pillars to boost companies that will have their say in shaping our future.

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